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Research and Education Center (REC) "Materials" was organized as part of the Don State Technical University (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) in 2009. Now it includes seven laboratories, including

  • Laboratory of anti-erosion wear-resistant materials and coatings 
    (head - Prof. Valeriy N. Varavka)
  • Laboratory of functionally graded and composite materials
    (head - Prof. Sergei M. Aizikovich)
  • Laboratory of mechanics of biomaterials
    (head - Prof. Michael V. Swain)

The center was established for the organization and management of research, improve the training and retraining of engineers and scientists and conducting joint scientific, educational and innovation policies.

REC "Materials" works on the principles of self-repayment with funding from the funds generated through research and development contracts with research funding agencies, state and private organizations, as well as by share of funds derived from incomes of commercial activity of REC "Materials", and sponsored assistance.

Since the establishment of the center, REC staff had successfully completed more than 15 research projects funded by the federal and departmental target programs, from state research plans funds, by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, by commercial orders of individuals and businesses, with a total funding of more than 40 million rubles.

Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment (head - Dr. Vladimir B. Zelentsov) is also being a part of REC "Materials" since 2013. We have special equipment for materials research, including nano-indenter, atomic force and scanning tunnel microscopes, facility for vacuum ion sputtering, cutting, grinding and polishing facilities.

Please contact us for more information. You can also take a look on the list of our recent publications available online (in English).





2020-06-05 We invite everyone interested in issues of modern biomechanics and materials science to join the procedure for protecting projects by 4-year students of DSTU on June the 9th from 9 AM to 3 PM (UTC+3). You will see how the knowledge in the field of robotics, cybersecurity of information systems, instrument engineering and applied mechanics can be effectively integrated into the medicine today to solve acute and urgent problems that operating surgeons and doctors are facing.

The academic initiator and coordinator of the project is the Honored Professor of the University of Sydney, the Head of the Laboratory of Mechanics of Biocompatible Materials at DSTU, who leads the research team on the Megagrant of the Government of the Russian Federation.

You will be able to ask your questions to both the students presenting their projects and solutions, and to invited expert practitioners:

  • Golubev Georgy Shotavich, head of the orthopedic department of MLPUZ GB №1 named. ON THE. Semashko ", the head. Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Rostov State Medical University;

  • Epikhin Alexander Nikolaevich, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, Rostov State Medical University;

  • Laktionov Egor Vitalievich, dentist, therapist, head of the dental department No. 2  "Dental Clinic of Rostov-on-Don";

  • Ryabichko Artyom Gennadievich, dentist-surgeon, head of the orthopedic department No. 2  "Dental Clinic of Rostov-on-Don."



2019-03-28 On March 26 and 27, 2019, an international workshop “Problems of modeling, synthesis and destruction of advanced industrial and medical materials” (PMSDAM-2019) was held at Don State Technical University. The presentations were made by:

  • Michael Vincent Swain, Head of the Laboratory of Mechanics of Biocompatible Materials, REC "Materials" DSTU, Professor Emeritus of the University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Igor Borisovich Sevostyanov, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, University of New Mexico (USA)
  • Viktor Anatolyevich Eremeyev, Professor, Department of Materials Resistance, Gdansk Polytechnic University (Poland)
  • Alexander Nikolaevich Galybin, senior researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Earth. O.Yu. Schmidt of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The workshop was attended by students and researchers of Don State Technical University, Southern Federal University, Rostov State Medical University.





2015-01-15 Check out our recent papers in International Journal of Solids and Structures! For offprints, ask here.



2015-01-08 Published information about books written by our staff. Also check out our recent journal articles in English.




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