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Laboratory of anti-erosion wear-resistant materials and coatings


Laboratory of anti-erosion wear-resistant materials and coatings


The laboratory conducts research on the development of technologies for creating multilayer nanocomposite coatings that increase the abrasive, corrosion, and erosion resistance of materials used in high-power thermal equipment.

The full-time employees of the laboratory are 3 doctors of technical sciences, 3 candidates of technical sciences and 1 graduate student.

The laboratory has completed several government contracts and grants, published more than 15 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including 5 articles indexed by Scopus.

The head of the laboratory is the head of the REC “Materials”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Varavka Valery Nikolaevich, tel. 8 (863) 273-84-42.


Projects and grants of the laboratory:

Investigation of the features of metal surface degradation during dynamic contact with a discrete two-phase flow (RFBR grant No. 15-08-06181-a, completion date - 2015 - 2017)

Obtaining nanocomposite coatings with a given level of structure and properties for protecting elements of power equipment from drop-impact erosion (agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No. 14.В37.21.1105, completion date - 2012 - 2013, completed)

Research and modeling of the structural evolution of metal alloys during the formation of heat-resistant coatings for heat power equipment (GK No. 02.740.11.0813 dated April 24, 2010, measure 1.1, completion date - 2010 - 2012, completed)


Recent publications: 


Varavka V.N., Kudryakov O.V. Patterns of steel wear when exposed to a discrete water-droplet stream. Part 1: The initial stage of droplet erosion // Friction and wear. 2015.Vol. 36. No. 1. P. 89-99.

Kudryakov O.V., Baravka V.N. Mechanisms and patterns of steel surface degradation at the stages of developed drop-impact erosion // Surface. X-ray, synchrotron and neutron studies. 2015. No. 2. P. 100-112.

Varavka V.N., Kudryakov O.V., Ryzhenkov A.V., Kachalin G.V., Zilova O.S. The use of nanocomposite coatings for the protection of power equipment from drop impact erosion // Thermal Engineering. 2014. No. 11. S. 29-35.

Kudryakov O.V., Baravka V.N. Integrated indent diagnostics of cermet nanocomposite coatings // Factory Laboratory. Diagnostics of materials. 2014.V. 80. No. 11. P. 48-53.

Varavka V.N., Chebotarev S.N., Pashchenko A.S., Irha V.A. Obtaining photoactive structures Si (n +) / Si (p) / Si (p +) by ion-beam crystallization // Bulletin of the Don State Technical University. 2013. No. 5-6. S. 77-84.


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