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Laboratory of functional gradient and composite materials


Laboratory of functional gradient and composite materials


Head of Laboratory:

Aizikovich Sergei
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher 


Research Areas:

  • Analytical solutions of contact problems of the theory of elasticity for inhomogeneous media
  • The influence of the elastic, thermomechanical and piezoelectric properties of the material on the characteristics of contact interaction
  • Mathematical modeling of contact interaction of bodies with coatings of complex structure
  • The influence of the structure of composite protective coatings on their operational characteristics
  • Determination of the properties of inhomogeneous coatings by experimental results

The basis of the research is a unique mathematical apparatus that allows you to simulate coatings with a large number of layers (50 and above), or functionally gradient with an arbitrary change in the properties of the material in depth. It is also applicable for coatings consisting of a large number of interlayers with sharply differing elastic properties (soft - hard - soft - hard - ...). The influence of heterogeneity of thermomechanical properties is also being actively studied.


The laboratory actively collaborates with leading world scientific organizations and scientists involved in similar issues.




Руководитель НОЦ
Варавка Валерий Николаевич
д. т. н., профессор

Заведующий лабораторией ФГиКМ
Айзикович Сергей Михайлович
д. ф.-м. н


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