Laboratory of Functionally Graded and Composite Materials

Head of the laboratory

Sergei Aizikovich

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),
Professor, Don State Technical University.

Research directions:

  • Analytical solutions of contact problems of elasticity theory for inhomogeneous media
  • Influence of elastic, thermomechanical and piezoelectric properties of a material on the characteristics of contact interaction
  • Mathematical modeling of contact interaction of bodies with coatings of complex structure
  • Influence of the structure of composite protective coatings on their performance
  • Determination of the properties of heterogeneous coatings based on the experimental results

The research is based on a unique mathematical apparatus that makes it possible to simulate coatings with a large number of layers (50 and more), or functional-gradient with an arbitrary change in material properties with depth. It is also applicable for coatings consisting of a large number of interlayers with sharply differing elastic properties (soft – hard – soft – hard -…). The influence of the inhomogeneity of thermomechanical properties is also being actively studied.

The laboratory actively cooperates with the world’s leading scientific organizations and scientists dealing with similar problems.