Projects and Grants

Currently, the following projects are being implemented in the REC:

Biomechanics of the tissues of the oral cavity and the eyeball and optimized biocompatible materials for implantation (grant of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 14.Z50.31.0046, 2018-2020, supervisor M.Swain)

Investigation of the structural evolution and destruction patterns of heterogeneous coatings under dynamic contact with a discrete two-phase flow (RFBR grant No. 18-08-00546-a, 2018-2020, supervisor Varavka V.N.)

Completed projects:

Development of two-dimensional and three-dimensional analytical and numerical models allowing predicting the behavior of modern elastic, viscoelastic, poroelastic, porous-viscoelastic and inhomogeneous coatings and bodies under static and dynamic effects, taking into account their complex physical and mechanical properties (grant РНФ No. 15-19-10056, 2015-2019 years., supervisor Aizikovich S.M.)

Analytical solutions of nonclassical contact problems of the theory of electro- and thermoelasticity (state assignment No. 9.1481.20117 / ПЧ, 2017-2019, supervisor Aizikovich S.M.)

The elastic contact mechanics of functional gradient coatings with and without friction (grant RFBR No. 18-58-53043-GFEN_a, 2018-2019, supervisor Aizikovich S.M.) Russia, China

Optimization of physico-mechanical and geometric parameters of multilayer and functional-gradient wear-resistant coatings (RFBR grant No. 18-57-00015-Bel_a, 2018-2019, supervisor Krenev L.I.) Russia, China

Study of the thermomechanical properties of tribo-surfaces at the micro- and nanoscale (RFBR grant No. 17-57-04065-Bel_mol_a, 2017-2018, supervisor Volkov S.S.) Russia, China

Federal Target Program “Research and Development in Priority Directions for the Development of the Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia” for 2007-2013

Development of mathematical models of the deformation of materials with coatings of complex structure taking into account the characteristic features of the deformation process near surfaces with high specific friction forces (GK No. 11.519.11.3015, 2011-2013, supervisor Aizikovich SM) Russia Taiwan

Development of mathematical models of deformation of materials, in the case of contact interaction, allowing to create modern soft protective coatings with a complex structure of increased wear resistance (GK No. 11.519.11.3028, 2011-2013, head Aizikovich SM) Russia South Africa

Federal Target Program “Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel of Innovative Russia” for 2009-2013

Research and modeling of the structural evolution of metal alloys during the formation of heat-resistant coatings for heat power equipment (GK No. 02.740.11.0813 dated April 24, 2010, measure 1.1, completion date – 2010 – 2012)

Development of methods for solving new non-classical problems of mechanics of contact interactions for functionally gradient materials (GK No. П1107 dated June 2, 2010, event 1.2.2, 2010 – 2012)

Study of the influence of mechanical, chemical, structural heterogeneity and residual stresses on the development of cracks in composite materials (Civil Code No. 02.740.11.5193 dated March 12, 2010, measure 1.5, completion date – 2010 – 2011) Russia United Kingdom

The development of mathematical models to predict the optimal properties when creating and processing composite and ceramic materials (GK No. 02.740.11.0413 dated September 30, 2009, activity 1.1, completion date – 2009 – 2011)

Development of methods for solving the problems of contact interaction and the study of the tribological properties of heterogeneous coatings, taking into account their thickness and roughness (agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, head. Vasiliev AS)

Computer simulation of nanostructured functional-gradient coatings in order to control and optimize their thermomechanical properties based on numerical-analytical solutions of thermoelasticity problems for inhomogeneous media (agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, hand. Krenev LI)

Russian Foundation for Basic Research:

Development of a software package for studying the stress-strain state of inhomogeneous and multilayer bodies as applied to the design of microelectronic systems (RFBR grant 14-07-90406-Ukr_a, supervisor. Aizikovich SM) Russia Ukraine

Thermoelectroelastic instability during axisymmetric contact interaction of functionally gradient piezoelectric materials (RFBR grant 14-08-91166-GFEN_a, supervised by Aizikovich SM) Russia, China

Thermoelastic behavior of thin disks made of functionally gradient materials (grant RFBR 14-08-92003-ННС_а, supervisor. Aizikovich SM) Russia Taiwan

Investigation of the degradation of a metal surface during dynamic contact with a discrete two-phase flow (RFBR grant No. 15-08-06181-a, head. Varavka V.N.)

Development of methods for solving the contact problems of thermoelasticity for inhomogeneous coatings, taking into account the independent changes in the thermal conductivity coefficient, linear expansion coefficient, heat capacity coefficient, Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio (RFBR grant 13-08-01435-a, head. Aizikovich S.M.

Development of a hardware-software complex for solving mixed boundary problems of thermoelasticity for continuously inhomogeneous coatings of complex structure, 2012-2014, RFBR grant 12-07-00639-a, hands. Krenev L.I.