The complex of scanning probe microscopes Nanoeducator (NT-MDT) makes it possible to implement various methods of measurements of tunneling and “semicontact” atomic force microscopy and can not only be used in educational, but also for scientific purposes in research in the field of physics and technology of micro and nanostructures, materials science , catalysis, physics and chemistry of polymers, tribology, cytology, etc.

Atmosphere: shooting outdoors
Shooting temperature: 25C
Maximum scanning field: 100 x 100 μm
Minimum achievable noise: less than 50 nm

Basic research methods:

  • -Atomic force microscopy.
  • “Semicontact” method.
  • -Display of the relief.
  • -Display phase.
  • -Display strength.
  • -Power spectroscopy.
  • -Work in liquid.
  • AFM lithography.
  • -Dynamic power lithography.
  • -Scanning tunnel microscopy.
  • -Display of the relief.
  • -Current display (constant height method).
  • -Measures of work output (Z modulation).
  • -Tunnel spectroscopy (dI / dV measurements).
  • -Work in dielectric fluids.