The easy-to-use scanning tunneling microscope is designed for atomic-resolution imaging of conductive surfaces and for investigating various effects on atomic-scale scales. It can be used to set up a variety of experiments in materials science, physics and chemistry of solids, nanotechnology and quantum mechanics. It is possible to study the micro- and nanostructure of surfaces, to obtain an image of individual atoms or molecules on the surface, to create nanostructures (including by the method of self-organization), to investigate the tunneling effect, quasiparticles and interactions between molecules.


-Complete set for necessary experiments with objects of atomic size.
-Compactness and portability: the device is easily transported and installed on a small stand.
-Single body contributes to measurement accuracy and stability.
-Does not require special anti-vibration protection.
-Easy to use: the device is ideal for teaching students in the field of nanotechnology and for preparing them to work on equipment of a higher level.
-Easy sample and scanning needle preparation. Fast replacement of samples and needles.



Scanning head with an integrated controller on a vibration-proof frame;
Maximum scanning field, 500 x 500 nm;
Maximum scanning height, 200 nm;
Field resolution, not less than 8 pm;
Height resolution, not less than 4 pm;
Working current 0.1-100 nA;
Discreteness of the operating current 25 pA;
Needle voltage range +10 V;
Discreteness of voltage across the needle 5 mV;
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 10 cm;
Constant current and constant height modes;
Voltage-current characteristic recording
Gap-current spectroscopy;
The number of measuring channels up to 7;
The minimum scan time is 60 ms / line.